Saturday, November 28, 2009

Robots & Avatars

Sorry for that long delay but I was working on my new book, Robots & Avatars. Here is a "teaser":
Since the dawn of humanity, man tries to replicate the living. Among the legends that have influenced this quest, the myth of Pygmalion has a special place. Helped by Venus in the genesis of an artificial beauty, the ancient king fell to his irresistible charm. Since then, the descendants of Galatea has taken many forms: living statues to automatons, robots to cyborgs and clones, artificial intelligence to avatars, to the ghosts that haunt the memory of computers. This book brings together a collection of spectacular images that illustrate the evolution of robots and avatars. It reveals trends in a symbiotic future where the creator and his creation, science and imagination mix.
A final point: its in french... but the color illustrations are so nice. A great gift for christmas!