Friday, December 16, 2005

M31 Project Continues...

We have designed a 3D multi-agent system for cosmological simulations with the following original features. There are three basic types of interacting agents: star agents, gaz cloud agents and dark matter agents. Each agent as its own properties like mass, density, velocity, etc., but also spin and viscosity (!). We can then study the space of possible universes by modifying most physical laws parameters. This is important in order to locate the "interesting universes", those which exhibit emergent structures and properties. This approach, I guess, can contribute to cosmology by locating the universe-as-we-know-it within the larger picture of the universe-as-it-could-be. In other terms, we apply the Artificial Life approach (thanks to C. Langton) to study the evolution of complexity at the cosmological level. The picture shows two early simulation results.

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