Friday, January 11, 2008

The Origin of EVA

I began to work on EVA (Evolutionary Virtual Agent) in the year 2000 while I was experimenting with the LifeDrop virtual ecosystem. The initial idea was to design a virtual creature that was not a simulation like in most artificial life research projects. In other words, I wanted to realize an artificial life rather than to simulate life. The computer is not (only) a tool to simulate and explore, but also an informational universe. The long term goal is to create digital “organisms” in the memories of computers, powered by their processors, evolving in an ecosystem made of operating systems and software applications. Another important idea was that the EVA technology must enable to design real-world applications. The name EVA was chosen because it is an archetypal symbol of sin and transgression against gods. In the Hebraic etymology, Eve (hawwà) is the "mother of all the living". It is also a symbol of freedom to choose liberty and a wish to increase human knowledge, especially technology, to improve the human condition.

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