Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Artificial Creatures – The Book

In January this year, I have published the book “Les Créatures Artificielles” (Odile Jacob, Paris). It covers the history, trends and perspectives of Artificial Creatures. I have written these 500 pages as a reference book covering both scientific and cultural aspects of this fascinating theme. From the erotic Galatee to the "Eve future", from the Golem to the Monster of Frankenstein, from the robots of Capek to Cameron's Terminator, from 2001's HAL computer to the AI agents in The Matrix, artificial creatures have always been present in our imagination. From the prehistorics paintings to the antic animated statues, from automata to advanced robots, from computer virus to AI, they have also peupled our reality. Anyone interested by automata, robots, cyborgs and, of course, virtual creatures, will find all the important information and references. Unfortunatly, for English-language readers, it is in French… But I hope that there will be an English translation in the short term.


Anonymous said...

It seems interesting. Too bad it is not available in English... My French is not sufficient to read it. Maarten, Pays Bas

Anonymous said...

It seems interesting. Too bad that it is not available in English, since my French is not good enough to read it. Maarten, Pays Bas