Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alicia answers questions of entrepreneurs

Alicia is the first on-line application of the EVA technology. You can discuss with Alicia on the following page. Alicia was designed for the french Hauts-de-Seine County near Paris to help people searching information about the creation of compagnies. Alicia implements a conversational intelligent agent that is able to answer questions in the french natural language thanks to its knowledge-base which includes near 500 rules. Don't be afraid ! Alicia is not based on the "schizophrenic" architecture (see previous post) but rather on a classical and simpler character design. The animated 3D interface was created by Jean-Philippe Lebrun and most of the integration work was done by Ilyasse El-Khaira. The FAQ knowledge base was implemented in the EVA language by Jean-Claude Torrel. Many thanks to them and also to all the people from the 92 County who works on the Alicia project.

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