Monday, January 23, 2012

EVA Intelligent Agents using Javascript and Jquery

I’m proud to announce a new version of the EVA (Evolutionary Virtual Agent) implemented using Javascript and JQuery. The core is 100% Javascript. It is a simpler version compared to the regular one implemented in C and running on both Windows and Linux. However, this implementation enables the design of most intelligent conversational characters without any strong limitation. It’s simple to program and it’s compatible with most platforms including iOS. Now EVA can run on every web browser and I assure you that it runs amazingly fast! The code will be available for free for all non-commercial application using the Creative Common license. If you want to develop your own conversational agent on your web site, please contact me!


clia said...

Where can I try it? Is it open source?

jcheudin said...

Well, I am finishing an eBook entitled "Discover how works a computer". It includes a part where the reader can interact with EVA in order to check his knowledge. So you will be able to test it on an iPad or any ePUB3 reader (some are free and can be downloaded). The book will be available on and the iBookStore for a couple of bucks.