Tuesday, January 17, 2006

EVA version 3 - Preliminary 3D model

Here is the first 3D model for EVA (Evolutionary Virtual Agent) based on the preliminary drawings done in December (see previous post on EVA). This is a draft design since the model is not yet completed and there is no texture, no light, etc., but it gives a good idea of what will be the look of the final rendered face. All the 3D design is done by a student team of the IIM school (International Institute of Multimedia) using the 3DS Max Sofware tool. At the same time, I have coded near 60% of the Java-based AI "ghost" that will animate the model. The next steps are: (1) complete the face model and (2) test a working ghost with reactive behaviors (no genetic programming). Then, we will add animations and more complex behaviors. More information later. Keep tuned.

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