Thursday, January 26, 2006

EVA version 3 - Who's that girl ?

This is the new 3D design for EVA (Evolutionary Virtual Agent). There are many improvements since the previous one (see last post on this subject). Now the student team is working on the screen setup and on the various face expressions: reference (no expression), happy, disapointed, annoyed, angry, etc. There are three main animation parts: left eye, right eye, and nose/mouth. Since all images are pre-calculated, we try to reduce the number of animations to a small set of primitives. The Java-based animation engine is quite simple since it is basically an image switching system. This is not the case for the AI Ghost which is far more complicated. I will try to describe it briefly in a future post. I have a question: could you recognize the (real) woman who inspired this virtual model ?

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